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Nov 7, 2012 4:00am PST
president obama winning the vote last night. >> good morning i annie hong. he went a for more your bid. it was a tight race. >> before he gets back to work this morning early this morning he took some time to celebrate his victory with his supporters right here in chicago. >> (cheers & applause) an identified crowd greeted president barack obamas early wednesday morning. he says he is ready for more years. >> and your struggles five return to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do and the future that lies ahead. >> his reelection comes after a nail biting night of returns the president defended his home turf in one of several critical swing states including ohio pushing him over the 270 electorial vote marks. >> i want to thank every american that persist in this election. >> he had been in state statistical dead heat with challenger mitt romney who conceded the race was the morning. >> in the weeks ahead i look for to sitting down ago and romney. >> in the event it was his true blue supporters the present thank and praise. >> michelle
Nov 6, 2012 4:00am PST
. >> romney told supporters in sanford florida that it is time for new leadership. president obama was possible to his promise to bring it to dennis of problems. he has not. i will. >> on his running mate paul ryan echoed that tottering on the bottom. >> we do not have to settle for this. we can do better than this. this may be the best that barack about an offer, but this is not the best american have. >> vice president joe biden told the crowd and starling agenda obamas the best choice. >> president to a lesson about character. it is the most important ingredient president must possess to lead the world. president obama has the character of his convictions. >> voters in this bill not to the venture castles. the time open to expose the night since 1960. the first time in history the boat was tied. obama and ronnie at five votes each. in parts location new hampshire president obama beat out on the 23 to nine. i am dead aim reporting. >> closer to home the future of education funding in california would put to voters today. two propositions on the state ballot and to give more money
Nov 9, 2012 4:00am PST
concerns within the obama administration about a run in military aggression in the critical off oil shipping lines. the demonstration did not release details of the incident. three senior detail the steps officials did confirm that did happen. we'll talk about will be a wet commute. we are following the latest with the winter storm. it does finally feel like winter in november. temperatures are in the '50s. we have wet weather today. it will stay with us and to the letter morning hours or hopefully we will try things out. looking at the senate forecast which could be in store for more wet weather come next week. with the weather pattern saddlinselling n to the bay area. we are back. taking a live look for 30 k m a live look from our roof cam. it is a wet day. you probably learned overnight the rain hitting the roof of your home. it was intense in some spots. in the weather center with erica talking about the forecast storm tracker 4 we can see how heavy it was overnight. >> that is right that james was of thunderstorms and lightning strike. the most intense rain fell while people we
Nov 14, 2012 4:00am PST
. president obama won virtually every critical battleground states including lyle. ryan said that is the moment he realized things were going south. >> when the numbers came in going the other direction we saw the kind of turn out that was occurring in urban areas it was unprecedented. it did come as a shock. those are the kind of lost have the ones that get you by surprise. he continues to hold his seat in congress. >> meanwhile mitt romney lost thousands of facebook france since he lost the election. after the results came in the washington post notice the drop on friday. the presidential candidate lost about a thousand flights per hour. as of monday afternoon he still had more than 12 mean facebook fans and $1.7 million on twitter. >> the library in pleasant hill will be recognized by the white house today. in libraries and museums across the country are being honored at the white house for contributions that may to their community. they will receive the 2012 national medal for museum and library service. >> mormon the kron 4 morning news. first a live look outside on this
Nov 30, 2012 4:00am PST
are catching on to that fact. >> today president obama takes his message to a toy manufacturer in pennsylvania. it is an american business off the white house said could be affected because income tax go up forever one next year. >> mitt romney met with president obama from lunch at the white house yesterday we were anticipating it yesterday morning. >> the pair eight at a private dining room it was actually the first time both have met each other since the election wrap up an early november. the present first mentioned meeting with the former governor in his victory speech in chicago o'hare this month. the president said he looked forward to talking with romney about ways to move the country forward. prison obama also praised out romney manage the olympics in salt lake city in 2002. >> will take a quick break back mwith more in a minute. we are watching the wet weather that is our top story of the right light to moderate and at times heavy with the wind out of the bay area's. we will come back with your forecast just a moment. we are back here at 4:30 in the western center talking to erica ab
Nov 16, 2012 4:00am PST
president obama won election and congress was turned to power. we are workinhard about gridlock on capitol hill. yesterday as a backdrop of matane. the and p lost about two. >> starbucks is break a new plant coffee chain has announced plans to buy loose tea companies for $620 million all cash. the announcement of the stock up more than 50%. the deal could be part of a plan for starbucks to expand further into areas of the world primarily tea drinking areas. the two companies really opened a store together in the middle east. this will lead and moved to bolster those efforts. today hostas brands is expected to announce whether the company will shut down--hostess. negotiations for new contracts have failed. the parent company will hoplans to liquidate. . >> an organization of wal- mart workers are planning a series of strikes for black friday. wal-mart employs will stage about one out of protest across the country. in between clued walkouts. the loss of two/mobs. what protest are college educated shoppers. their picket signs will tell shoppers what is going on. in the bay area we have worker
Nov 8, 2012 4:00am PST
by the commute hours. that is the waiting has been for the past week. president obama returned to washington wednesday after an electric election night in chicago. >> whether i heard your boat or not, i have listened to you. i have learned from you. you have made me a better president. >> minutes earlier republican challenger mitt romney delivered a gracious concession speech. calling for the country to come together. >> at a time like this cannot resist partisan bickering and political posturing. our leaders after reach across the aisle to the people's work. we citizens also have to rise to the occasion. >> a data romney stopped advisers still maintain they thought the republican win. he lost his home state, his birth state, and too many battleground states. president obama, dominate what electorial votes mattered most. he emerged with a victory narrow then in 2008. what has been of the status quo election republicans are holding on to control the house of representatives and democrats and only a few seats to their majority in dissented. >> there is a mandate for a to find a way to work tog
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7